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Neon Glow has been a long running web comic now and all ready has many fans. Its a action, boy love comic that focuses on Jake and Zedof capturing neon supernatural animals.

Alkseeya Power is a comic I’ve wanted to most my life. lol It’s about a race called the Alkseeya who have powers to change in to elemental dragons. Kamie (on banner) is rejected my his race. He is taken in by Meecy Birds (big thunder birds) He becomes stuck with Tonly who wants noting me peace among Alkseeya and Meecy birds.

Finaly! StarShip 77! Is a action adventure space anthro comic featuring Krist (dragon) and Chris (cat) on board the StarShip 77, that is a top secret space craft created by the government. They now face keeping the ship from enemies hands and finding out the secrets about the ship!

Here is Zedof holding Felisneon as it pesters Jake. I thought it would be cute to draw. There were a lot of colors I realized I don’t have like a good Zedof eye purple and I’ve still trying to get the hang out using grays. I need to mix them with other colors because that’s what I do digitally. XD

Please check out these characters in my Web comic: Neon Glow
Official site is coming soon other wise read it on Ink Blazers or Smack Jeeves.

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